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It is hoped that the investment advisory team will be committed to US agricultural real estate investment, animal husbandry real estate investment, land purchase agency and investment management. We have a professional and strong investment advisory team, professional investment in agricultural and livestock return rate analysis and consultation, selection of investment projects, field visits, full purchase operations, standard trading procedures, post-investment management, value-added resale business, etc. The client designs viable, safe, editable and convenient agricultural and livestock investment solutions.
希望投资顾问团队致力于从事美国农业地产投资、畜牧业地产投资、土地购买代理与投资管理。我们拥有专业强大的投资顾问团队,专业进修投资农牧业回报率分析咨询,对投资项目进行甄选,实地考察,全程购买操作,标准买卖流程,投资后管理、增值再售业务等等, 为每位客户设计可行、安全、剪辑、便捷的农业、畜牧业投资方案。

Why is Texas so attractive to investors?

The population of Texas is expected to be 27.89 million in 2016, ranking second in the United States after California. The population of Texas has maintained a very stable growth rate for nearly 30 years, and has recently been a steady growth rate of 1.6%-2.0% per year. The Houston metropolitan area is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Houston is the city with the highest net inflows among all metropolitan cities. Even from 2000 to 2010, Texas’s metropolitan population grew much faster than the traditional metropolises of the East and West Coast, not to mention from 2010. This is a new economic cycle. / 德州人口在2016年预计是2789万,在美国已经是仅次于加州,排第二位。德州的人口是在近30年来一直保持了一个很稳定的增速,最近是每年1.6%—2.0%的持续稳定增长速度。休斯顿都市圈是美国的第四大都市圈。

Texas’s GDP was $1.639 trillion in 2015, ranking second in the United States. The world’s Fortune 500 global headquarters has 54 in Texas, which is also the gathering state of the US’s second largest 500 headquarters, second only to New York State. Texas is second only to Alaska’s second largest state. It is rich in resources. It has traditionally started from oil, with a vast hinterland and developed agriculture. Texas’s economic development is very strong. / 德州的GDP在2015年是1.639万亿美元,在美国排第二。世界财富500强的全球总部有54家在德州,这也是美国第二大500强总部的聚集州,仅次于纽约州。德州的面积仅次于阿拉斯加的第二大州,它的资源丰富,传统上是石油起家,腹地辽阔,农业发达,德州经济发展后劲很足。

There is no state tax in Texas, and there is a very friendly business environment. The overall infrastructure is relatively new and the cost of living is relatively low. From the government, the law to the whole society, the attitude of attracting investment is very positive. / 德州没有州税,有非常友好的商业环境,基础建设整体来说相对比较新,生活成本相对低廉,无论是从政府、法律到整个社会的环境都对招商引资态度非常积极。

Texas has developed agriculture and ranks third in the United States. Its main products are cotton, highlights and other grains, vegetables and fruits. US agriculture implements a subsidy policy, and the number of subsidies reaches the highest level in history. In the scope of subsidies, the coverage has covered almost all major agricultural products. The US livestock industry accounts for 48% of the total agricultural output value. It is a superpower in animal husbandry production, and the output of various animal products is among the highest in the world. / 德州农业发达,居全美第三位,主要产品有棉花、高亮及其他谷物、蔬菜和水果。美国农业实行补贴政策,补贴数量达到历史最高水平,在补贴范围伤已经覆盖率几乎所有主要农产品。美国畜牧业占农业总产值的48%,是畜牧业生产的超级大国,各种畜产品的产量在世界上都居前列。

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The company’s business scope covers medium and high-end residential villas, office buildings, restaurant restaurants, commercial spaces, factories, etc., as follows:

Are you looking for the perfect farm or ranch to invest? Our team is ready to help you with your purchase. We are committed to professional and efficient service. Our real estate agent specializes in Texas real estate and will find the right property for you at the best price.
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