About us

Founded in March 2017, American Hope Decoration Co., Ltd. is a decoration company integrating decoration design, engineering construction and material distribution. From California, Nevada to Houston, Texas, the company quickly developed into a prestigious renovation company in just two years.

The Hope Investment Consulting Team are committed to help clients with U.S. agricultural real estate investment, animal husbandry real estate investment, land purchasing and investment management. We have a professional and strong investment advisory team, professional investment in agricultural and livestock return rate analysis and consultation, selection of investment projects, field visits, complete transaction support, standard trading procedures, post-investment management, value-added resale business, etc. We design viable, safe, simple and convenient agricultural and livestock investment solutions for our clients.

The Hope Company also provides high-end customized travel services to provide customized services for investment inspections.

希望投资顾问团队致力于从事美国农业地产投资、畜牧业地产投资、土地购买代理与投资管理。我们拥有专业强大的投资顾问团队,专业进修投资农牧业回报率分析咨询,对投资项目进行甄选,实地考察,全程购买操作,标准买卖流程,投资后管理、增值再售业务等等, 为每位客户设计可行、安全、剪辑、便捷的农业、畜牧业投资方案。